ParaLong Drive Cup
July 9th, 2015
Tennessee National
Loudon, TN

ParaLong Drive was created when the Amputee Long Drive Championship expanded to include Blind, Paralyzed, and Traumatic Brain Injured athletes. David Meador, Anthony Netto, Bill Davis, and Humberto Reyna have been instrumental in creating the new divisions for athletes that have excelled at the new sport.

ParaLong Drive's Goals

  1. Create awareness of ParaLong Drive athletes and their grass-root efforts to grow the game of Golf
  2. Advocate for ParaLong Drive and Golf's inclusion into the Paralympics
  3. Promote innovation that improves quality of life for the athletes of ParaLong Drive

We look forward to hosting athletes from across the globe to grow the sport of ParaLong Drive.

Meet Tommy Morrisey
At only 3 years old, Tommy Morrisey can swing a golf club better than most people, but it’s even more impressive when you consider that Tommy has only one arm.

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From Golf Central:


Anthony Netto

Congrats to Anthony Netto, our 2014 National Paramobile ParaLong Drive Champion! Great job representing the sport with 270-yard drive after former Pres. George W. Bush asked him to give a demonstration at the recent Warrior Open.
The Warrior Open 2014 . VIEW VIDEO

Marine Corps Lcpl Mark Litynski

Mark is a Stand Up and Play Ambassador and Recipient.

Tom Maneely

Tom Maneely is a USMC Stand Up and Play Wounded Warrior Tour Player and Recipient